16 Dec 2017

While I’m getting to the age when surprises are less and less welcome, there have been a couple recently for which I am immensely grateful.

The first occurred last week just as we were mailing out notices about our end-of-year fundraising Campaign, when I learned that the HSO’s Board of Directors had banded together to make a collective and pre-emptive pledge to the Campaign…and were laying down a challenge to music lovers throughout Hawaii of forty thousand dollars!  In other words, the Board is inviting everyone to contribute whatever they can to the well-being of our Orchestra and they will match it dollar for dollar, up to forty thousand dollars!  That was surprise number one…

Surprise number two came last Sunday right after our Masterworks concert.  I had announced the above Challenge as part of my opening remarks, and learned right after the concert’s conclusion (and, after the standing ovation that went on forever) that an audience member had stepped up during the intermission to double the Board’s challenge with a $40,000 pledge of her own…bringing the challenge now to $80,000!!

Number three came a couple of days later when another individual, again wishing to remain anonymous, told me they wanted to do something to honor the memory of Jim Nabors, a long-time supporter of the HSO and all-around good guy, who had passed away a few days before; and that they couldn’t think of a more fitting tribute than to bring the Challenge to a nice round $100,000 with an additional $20,000 pledge…

So there it is, music fans, the pace has been set.  Between us, all we have to do, collectively, is to match this trifecta of generosity, one contribution at a time, and our glorious HSO gets launched into the New Year $200,000 to the good.  I’m still the new kid on the block but I’ve been working here for long enough now to know how critical this Campaign is (which is to say more critical than even I had ever imagined…).

So, please, in the spirit of the season and of Great Music…and for that matter, of the late, great Jim Nabors…let’s get this done before things get too hectic.  Either return the little form attached to the letter I sent you recently, or DONATE HERE.

Thanks so much…Mele Kalikimaka, and I look forward to seeing you at the “Ode To Joy” concert at the end of the month.