02 Feb 2018

musicthatROCKS Presents The Music of Journey and The Music of Led Zeppelin

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The Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra Performs The Music of Journey: Greatest Hits and The Music of Led Zeppelin: A Rock Symphony

Bridging the gulf between rock n’ roll and classical music, the Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra performs The Music of Journey on Friday, March 30th and The Music of Led Zeppelin on Saturday, March 31st. Both performances are at the Blaisdell Concert Hall. Amplified by a full rock band and accompanied by singer Brody Dolyniuk’s dynamic vocals, creator Brent Havens guest conducts the ensemble as they present some of rock’s most iconic music with with full rock lighting.

Tickets start at just $29.



Tickets are on-sale to the general public beginning Friday, February 9 at 5:00 p.m. at the Blaisdell Box Office, all Ticketmaster locations, charge by phone at (800) 745-3000 or Ticketmaster.com

“My concept for The Music of Journey and The Music of Led Zeppelin was to take the music as close to the originals as we could and then add some colors to enhance what [the original bands] had done,” says Havens.  “The wonderful thing with an orchestra is that you have an entire palette to call upon. The band is reproducing what Journey and Led Zeppelin did on the albums, verbatim, and then having an orchestra behind the band gives the music a richness, a whole different feel, a whole different sense of power.”

Delivering a note-for-note interpretation, vocalist Brody Dolyniuk sings brilliantly, acting as a window between the audience and reworked material.

“When we first came on stage, the audience gave us polite, almost classical applause,” says Havens. “Then we hit the first note and they realized it was a rock show.”

Classical musicians also enjoy the change of pace; “In one concert, during Stairway to Heaven, the entire string section pulled out Bic lighters!” laughs Havens.