Claire Starz Butin, Associate Principal Flute

Question and Answer

How did you choose your instrument?

There was a teenage girl who used to play the flute at our church when I was growing up.  I remember thinking, ‘wow, that sounds really pretty!’ When it was time to pick instruments in 4th grade, I couldn’t decide between flute and clarinet.  All my friends chose flute, so I did, too. It was one instance when going with the crowd turned out to be a good decision! When I first opened my flute case, I knew for sure it was the right one.  Just the sight of the instrument in the case gave me goosebumps.

Who is your favorite composer?

My favorite composers are Debussy and Shostakovich.  Both of these masters have the ability to compose magical melodies.  Their music is so colorful and beautiful.

What is your favorite solo piece?

My favorite solo piece is a tie between Walter Gieseking’s “Sonatine” for Flute and Piano and Pierre Sancan’s “Sonatine.”

Other than classical music, _____ is on my phone/iPod?

My phone has a mix of all kinds of things, but it’s mostly classic rock and pop, kids’ music, and Christian music. 

Activities, hobbies, interests outside of music?

I love hanging out with my family: my husband, Mark, and our 3 daughters.  We enjoy traveling, going for walks, swimming, cooking, and having dance parties.

What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasures are the Food Network and chocolate.

More about Claire Starz Butin

Claire Starz Butin joined the Honolulu Symphony in 2004 and has been performing on Oahu ever since. She holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from Indiana University, and has also studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London and Rice University.  Claire is also an avid teacher. She is a Suzuki-certified flute teacher and teaches general Music at Trinity Christian School in Kailua.