Claire Starz Butin, Associate Principal Flute

Question and Answer


What is your favorite Hawaii Symphony moment?

There have been many favorite symphony moments throughout the last decade, but the 2015 season finale with Jake Shimabukuro really stands out.  It was really exciting for all of us to be part of something so new and meaningful.

How did you choose your instrument?

I actually decided to play the flute because all of my friends were doing it!  But, as soon as I opened the case of my first flute, I was in love.

Who is your favorite composer?

My favorite composers are Debussy and Shostakovich.  Both of these masters have the ability to compose magical melodies.  Their music is so colorful and beautiful.

When was the career of music chosen?

I chose music as a career after playing Beethoven 7 in the Texas All-State Orchestra.  I didn’t know how great playing in orchestra could be until that moment.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

My idea of the perfect day would be: sleeping in and having a great leisurely breakfast, then spending the entire day with my husband and my kids.  We would go somewhere we have never gone before and make new memories as a family.

What’s best about living in Hawaii?

The best thing about living in Hawaii is the sheer beauty of our surroundings.  I feel very blessed to call this place home.

More about Claire Starz Butin

Claire Starz Butin has been playing flute professionally in Hawaii for the past ten years. Originally from Houston, TX, Claire received her Bachelor of Music Degree from the Indiana University School of Music.  She also studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London and Rice University in Texas.  She frequently performs as a guest artist with Chamber Music Hawaii and Hawaii Opera Theatre.

In addition to her career as a performer, Mrs. Butin is a dedicated teacher of both flute and early-childhood music.  She is the music teacher at Central Union Preschool and leads two Children’s choirs at Central Union Church. When not playing or teaching, Claire loves cooking, baking, traveling, and playing with her two young daughters.