Anna Lenhart


French Horn

Ms. Lenhart is the Principal Hornist of the HSO. Since her orchestral debut at age twelve, Anna has appeared with over seventy different ensembles in venues throughout the United States, Poland, Germany, China, Korea, Japan, and Mongolia. Her favorites include Carnegie Hall and Coachella. As a teenager, Anna mingled with musicians and conductors from every major symphony in the United States through participation in music festivals such as Interlochen, Tanglewood, Brevard, and Aspen. Ms. Lenhart received her degrees from BYU in Provo, UT and USC in Los Angeles, CA. After spending a freezing childhood in eastern Idaho, Anna is thrilled to live somewhere where the lowest temperature ever recorded is 52 degrees.

How you got started playing your instrument:

At my middle school, it was required for everyone to take band, orchestra, or choir. As the third child in my family, I had learned that I needed to be loud to get attention. And so, I picked band. I was originally going to sign up for clarinet with all my friends, but the band teacher was so desperate for horns he said he would waive the instrument rental fee. I figured my mom would like that, so I volunteered to try horn. Turns out it was a good fit.

Favorite composer:

I’m really into film score, so my playlist is full of James Horner, Michael Giacchino, and, of course, John Williams.

Favorite solo piece:

I’m actually a huge fan of He Zhanhao and Chen Gang’s The Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto (especially when it’s played on erhu). The horn parts are awful, but my undergraduate orchestra performed it across China, and I think it’s beautiful both musically and historically.

Other than classical music, ____ is on my phone/iPod

The only classical music I ever have on my phone is my study list of symphony season repertoire. Heh heh

Activities, hobbies, interests, outside of music

As a kid, I wanted to be a marine biologist, so I’m loving all the snorkeling and free diving on O’ahu. I enjoy exploring nature and going for long walks. I double-majored in neuroscience, so I love reading up on the latest cognitive psychology research. I’m also an audiobook and NPR junkie. But my favorite thing to do is play superheros with my nieces and nephews. 

Guilty pleasure:

On long roadtrips, I will belt out early Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs.